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November 16 2018

Italian brand Grandform launches White Space, a new range of multi-functional shower cabins

Founded as an Italian offshoot of the French SFA Group, Grandform reveals its new collection of multi-functional shower cabins named White Space. It concerns a pure and total design concept that embraces white as the predominant colour feature throughout all elements such as the glass screens, the shower tray and ceiling, and including stylish features of smart and luminous lines.

White Space by Grandform.
November 16 2018

The Spanish Spazia brand presents the new custom Quadro series in shower enclosures

Spanish Spazia has launched its 2018 catalogue featuring a wide-ranging collection of shower enclosures. One of the highlights of the latest product launches in the bespoke series segment is the new Quadro range. The Quadro design optics stand out because of its folding shower screen features, introducing hinges with an original straight design identity and square contour.

Quadro by Spazia.
November 16 2018

The German Design Council announces the winners of the 2019 German Design Awards

The German Design Awards provide an internationally recognised platform for outstanding achievement in product and communications design. Each year the German Design Council discovers and honours pioneering design work, and presents design innovations both to the industry and to a wider audience.

The Axor ShowerPipe 800 by Hansgrohe.
November 15 2018

New Lisbon Cosentino Center

The Cosentino Group inaugurates a new logistical and commercial facility in the Portuguese capital. This facility features a larger total stock area and greater capacity than the previous “Center”. It also houses a modern showroom where professionals from the sector can expect to receive attentive and personalised support.

Fachada Cosentino Center Lisboa.